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Little Coder

Once your kids have mastered the beginner’s coding course, we introduce them to the advanced coding concepts and let them implement it in their projects. The little coder course is providing the best coding classes for kids

Web Designer

This web design course will be helpful for kids to learn the working of the web, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, Bootstrap, web hosting, visual coding, photo editing with Pixlr, and how to create videos with biteable

Artificial Intelligent 

 MeeM provides online coding classes for kids to learn artificial intelligence in an interactive and playful manner. This course offers customized learning paths and also in three adaptive Paths. Visual coding, Natural language coding, and professional coding. Through the game development course, kids will learn the basics of Python programming, HTML, CSS, Visual coding, Speech Signal Processing, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning.

Jr Python

Jr. Python Developer Beginner + Advanced Course includes OOP concepts, Photo editing, Music creation, Python programming, and Database programming. Cyber Square is providing challenging and engaging classes where kids will learn to create Python games and get professional-level development in Python and HTML/CSS.

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