Arabic Calligraphy, also known as Islamic calligraphy, is revered today as a form of art all around the world. It is given exceptional respect and esteem especially because its the first script that was used to write the Quran. May it be its contemporary cursive script of the thuluth, or the staunch. firm lettering of kufi, Arabic calligraphy is functionality, aesthetics, and readability in one package. When it comes to modern-day graphic design, Arabic calligraphy is not new to this either. With its different forms and shapes of writing, it makes logo design and website design standout like none other. Let's have a look at its beautiful features and how it gains its deserved esteem through graphic art

Calligraphy for 

Level 1

Kids, Ladies and gents batches are available

                                            20Sessions◆Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy, Historic Pavements.◆ Practicing standalone forms of 29 Arabic letters in thuluth script.


Level 2

Kids, Ladies and gents batches are available

20 Sessions◆ Learning Arabic Phrases, Connection of letters and Non connecting and connecting words in Thuluth script.Harakath and thashkeel◆ Learn to write small phrases

 Level 3

Kids, Ladies and gents batches are available

20 Sessions.◆ Asics to three new scripts in Arabic◆ Calligraphy and Learning the letters of these scripts.◆ Learning to write selected names in asmaulhusna.◆ Learning to do composition in different shapes..

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