Here, it is the beginning of the New Year. The first page of a new book determines the condition of the remaining pages. As like this, the future days of a year depends on its beginning. Recent year, 2020 threw us on a new challenge through Covid-19.  The word positive changed into the most negative thing in our life. 

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Because every day we woke up hearing new Corona positive cases. It changed our routine, Social gatherings shifted to online platforms, classes shifted to online classes, e-shopping came into force. Through scientific development and technical enhancement, we overcame several challenges. Even though there is no proper way found to stable mental stress. The reason is clear that one’s mental health primarily holds on his hand. So here are 10 tips to welcome the New Year, 2021 positively.

  1. Stop worrying about past days: Past days were gone, happy tomorrows are waiting so face today without any worry. It will never change anything with worry about past days. Sadness will consume our energy and time. Life is a mixture of opportunities and challenges. So simply get ready to face the challenge and utilize the opportunity.
  2. Spend your time properly: Pandemic situation made the children free from physical classes. They can easily skip the online classes, and spend their time on video games, movies and so on. Time is the precious thing in life. The laziness of a minute will charge a precious opportunity. Make a time table for your daily life. Divide time for study, food, and entertainment. This will help to manage your time properly.
  3. Take care of health: ‘Health is wealth’ is a renowned proverb. Nothing can pay for health. So take care of our health with exercises and healthy times. The five-time Namaz is good exercise and meditation that will make your mind and body healthier. Avoid overeating of junk foods and cool drinks. Nutrient food supplies energy but chemical products consume your health.
  4. Help others: Helping others will implant a strong mind. If we help others it will give confidence that I can make someone happy. Only a happy person can make some other happy. You can start it from home like helping the mother in cleaning, giving a cup of water to the father, sharing your favorite dish with a sibling.
  5. Give respect: Every person has an identity like us. If we deserve respect they too. So give respect. Nothing will lose if we give respect to others. Respect parents, teachers, elders, colleagues, and others. You will get what you give.
  6. Read every day: Reading is a good habit that leads life forward. Read something that gives positive energy and makes progress in life. Stories of pious and successful persons teach moral values and success keys.
  7. Set a goal: Travel without a destination is useless. Life is a big journey. We must set a goal and work hard to achieve it. A goal can be determined by our passion and aptitude. Know yourself and focus on your dreams.
  8. Shape your personality: The personality of every person is entirely different from others. It is the factor that others evaluate a person. Moreover that it determines our actions and feelings. So a good personality is a door to success and happiness. Evaluate your personality and shape it. Guidance from elders and lessons from pious are good ways to develop a personality. 
  9. Write a daily diary: Write the diary every day. It helps to analyze our day to day life. From learning our past errors we can correct it and try to repeat it. It also develops our writing skills. 
  10. Hope in Allah: This is the most important thing in our life. Whatever happens to us is from Allah’s will. He is our Creator and Almighty. He will consider us if we trust him. Say all things to him with a pure heart. Remember the verse of the Holy Qur’an “Don’t be sad. Allah is with us.”(9:40)

Originally published December 31, 2020

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